Ready to Take Your Visual Performance to the Next Level?

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Talent. Discipline. Training. Victory.

You know what it takes to be a successful athlete. 

Are you leaving your vision out?

Ready to rethink your training? 


…is your motivation! You have the dedication and the devotion to be the best athlete you can be. We’re here to help give you the visual edge in your sport. Our goal is to coach you to develop your maximum visual potential.

The Science

Concussions and other sports related injuries can cause devastating effects. Research shows that sports vision training can prevent and lessen the effects of concussions.  

Sports vision training has been recommended for athletes of all ages.


Dr. Shasteeen and our trainers are commited to your success. Following a thorough evaluation process you will receive your personalized training program.

The core of our program centers around individualized one-on-one training with our vision therapists. Your progress will be monitored at regular intervals with Dr. Shasteen.

Total Visual Performance

1. Clarity & Focus

  •  Begin with the clearest glasses prescription possible
  • Your eyes are like sophisticated camera systems. The ability to focus clearly between distance and near objects is important. 

2. Tracking

  • Your eyes move up, down, right left, and diagonal
  • Proper tracking is key to improving awareness and response time
  • Each eye has 6 eye muscles responsible for eye movement

3. Coordination

  • You have two eyes and they need to work together
  • Proper eye coordination is the foundation for depth perception (stereopsis) 

4. Steropsis

  • Do you have the best depth perception possible? 
  • Undiagnosed binocular vision disorders can affect your depth perception and ability to localize an object in space.

5. Peripheral Awareness

  • Your side vision is an important first warning system of what is around you.
  • Studies have shown the peripheral awareness is key to decrease the frequency and severity of concussions in sports.

6. Speed (Reaction Time)

  • By training and enhancing these areas of your vision your reaction time can improve and lead to your maximum sports performance


This training is about you and your success. Dr. Shasteen and her staff are here to coach you towards enhanced visual performance and expanding your athletic achievements.

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