Does your child have the vision to soar?

A comprehensive eye exam is the most important foundation to their learning. 

Is a comprehensive eye exam on your child's well checklist?

Your child’s health and wellbeing are your top priority. You take care in making sure they’re growing up strong. Vision screenings only look at one piece of the visual puzzle. 


child's well checklist

Great Beginnings

The vision of a child develops more during the first two years of life than any other time. Eye disorders hidden below the surface can significantly impact vision. A comprehensive eye exam is the only way to fully assess a child’s eyes. 


Healthy Eyes

It’s never to early to start good habits to protect your child’s eyes. From electronic devices to ultraviolet light outdoors, Dr. Shasteen and her staff will help guide you and your child to healthy eyes for life. 


Bright Futures

Great vision goes beyond 20/20. Nearly 80% of learning occurs through vision. Pro eye tracking, eye focusing, and eye coordination skills are necessary for academic success.

5 star review

“Dr. Shasteen is incredibly kind and easy to talk to. My sons both had eye infections and I didn’t know what to do for them. She was very professional and handled all my concerns with understanding and quickly plan to treat their eye infections. She is AWESOME! Very happy with service I received.”

Jennifer L.

5 star review

“As a parent, you always want the very best care for your child. I am confident we have found exactly that in Modern Heritage Eye Care.”

Michelle W.

Don't wait, your child's vision depends on you!

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