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a great life starts with great vision

Your glasses shouldn’t just help you see better, they should make a positive impact in your life and on the world around you. We combine the newest lens technologies, amazing hassle free warranties, and the newest styles to get you seeing your best. Best of all, every pair of glasses you purchase helps create a better world.

fashion with purpose

Every pair of glasses you purchase at Modern Heritage Eye Care helps our community – locally and around the world. 
Because to love one another is our highest calling.

Etnia Barcelona

Everyone must create. There’s a crucial task at hand, critical to our redemption. An individual can only reaffirm his prime following a state of euphoria, the complete and utter elation of breaking free from a world in the hands of conformists that follow established paths and destroy the power of the individual. No more rules. No more boundaries. Anartists keep it real, we forge our own fates through pure creativity, joy, and madness.

Go Beyond 20/20

Our private label brand gives you great style while giving back to our local community. For every Modern Heritage Eye Care Frame we sell, we donate to the Beyond 20/20 project to help children in Northwest Ohio get the care that they need.

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The First American Made Luxury Eyewear is Here

State Optical Co. is a first-of-its-kind brand of luxury American eyewear proudly being manufactured in Chicago, USA. As such we celebrate the quality, character, and individual style that make our handcrafted frames – like the people who wear them – so genuinely authentic, appealing, inspiring and original.

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Trees Planted for ever Frame Purchase

Visual acuity tells us how clearly the eyes can see at a particular distance. We often think of good vision as 20/20, but this is only one brief component of an eye exam.


One for One
The Gift of Sight

With every TOMS purchase, you stand with us on issues that matter. Optical frames that improve your sight and help restore sight to an individual by supporting a full eye exam and sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses or medical treatment.

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Buy a Frame Help a Child

Give free comprehensive eye care to children in need. Reach underprivileged areas that need help the most. Enable sight-saving measures to reduce school dropouts for better career opportunities. MODO’s mission expands beyond their stylish and strong eyewear. MODO has commited itself to helping 200,00 children around the world.

Does your Eyewear go beyond 20/20?

Join us in our mission to go Beyond 20/20 in every aspect of the care we provide. Help us make an impact in our communities and around the world!

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