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Your eye health and safety are our top priority

The world of contact lenses is constantly changing. New materials and technologies are making contact lenses healthier and more comfortable. These advancements in contact lenses make it even more important for these medical devices to be fit properly by a trained eye care professional. Because every brand of contact lens is manufactured differently, every fit is custom to you, the patient. This process includes a careful consideration of your prescription, eye shape and size, general lens comfort, and your daily visual needs. This evaluation maximizes your potential for great vision and healthy eyes. During the evaluation, Dr. Shasteen selects the best type lenses for YOUR eyes. Modern Heritage Eye Care doesn’t have any contracts with companies incentivizing us to fit a particular brand of lens to improve our bottom line. We remain independent in our choices, knowing every patient’s needs are different.

With your eye health as our top priority, daily contact lenses are the preferred contact lens of choice at Modern Heritage Eye Care. These lenses are used for 1 day and thrown away before bed. Daily disposable lenses give our patients the lowest risk of eye infections and end of day discomfort. On average they cost about the same as the average amount we spend on coffee per day. Not bad when you think about how vital your eye health is! 


Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism

  • TIME Magazine’s Best Invention 2018
  • Give your eyes the edge 
  • Trusted by top athletes

Astimgatism AND Multifocal Correction

  • New, innovative option for patients that need astigmatism correction AND multifocal lenses
  • 3 distinct vision zones for clarity at ALL distances

Is Your Child Ready for Contact Lenses?

  • The average age is younger than you think.
  • Practically no care at all with daily disposable lenses!
  • Great for sports and confidence!

Safely Insert and Remove Lenses​

  • Great reminder for our new wearers.
  • Don’t forget, practice makes perfect! Give yourself some extra time and be patient with yourself. You’ve got this!

Contact lenses are safe if you follow the rules

No matter what lenses you are prescribed, it is important to follow all contact lens care instructions to keep your eyes safe and healthy. If you have any sudden eye pain or blurred vision that does not go away, or if you suspect you may have pink eye, discontinue contact lens use and contact Dr. Shasteen immediately. Improper contact lens wear and care can lead to complications that could harm your vision permanently.

Your Most Important School SupplEYES!

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